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SILICON VALLEY, CA - March 31, 2017 - Cormentis Design Corporation, a technology spin-off of the IP Development Division of Etairos Consulting, synergistically combined with the recently acquired A4 Data Technology, Inc., is pleased to publicly announce its formation. This amalgamation of experienced Silicon Valley technologists into a software development enterprise will provide an entrepreneurial friendly environment for product creation.

Cormentis' vision is to create a sustainable long-term software incubation environment, where entrepreneurs can work with clients to develop unique solutions at a pace that fosters creativity in a traditional inventor environment. We pursue maximum innovation enjoyment, with major client involvement, and with a minimum of personal and financial risk to our entrepreneurial community!

The company applies a friendly, client involved agile focus, in developing products that stretch the boundaries of technology and provide a real benefit to our valued clients!
Cormentis Design is a company created to help aspiring entrepreneurs realize their long-held and treasured dreams! Facilitating a close-knit technical community of hundreds of trusted and experienced experts, Cormentis is able to help entrepreneurs obtain the support, technical talent, capital, technical environment, legal assistance and client contacts necessary to realize their creative passions!
"We are very thrilled to announce Cormentis' operation today. We have been working with many entrepreneurs, technical and business professionals as well as clients to develop various diversified products and services. Our first product, patents-pending Cormentis Data ReplicatorTM, will be announced later this year. This data replicator is based on the technology of the recent acquisition of A4 Data Technology Inc. by Etairos Consulting. Besides Cormentis Data ReplicatorTM, we are currently working with clients to develop many unique products that will be announced soon." said Dan Salisbury, CEO of Cormentis Design Corporation.

About Cormentis Design Corporation
Founded in February 2017, Cormentis Design Corporation, a affiliated company of Etairos Consulting, is a privately funded innovative incubator with unique IPs, IT products and services serving clients worldwide. Cormentis was founded by Silicon Valley veterans with extensive technology and management experience. Its products target various markets including big data replication, data security and protection, corporate culture and compliance, process re-engineering, etc.