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When you combine entrepreneurial innovation, bureaucracy elimination, friendly collaboration, a zest for applied technology, centuries of technical acumen, client involved agile development and a friendship oriented culture, what do you get? Cormentis Design.

CORMENTIS Data Replicator is a big data transfer solution provider with patent-pending data transfer technologies.
It provides data migration & replication software and appliances for clouds and on-premises.
Ideal use for:
  • Cloud Data Migration
  • Inter-Clouds data replication
  • Cloud-to-On-Premises data replication
  • Across On-Premises data replication.

Problems for the big data replication to clouds and to on-premises:
  • Too slow
  • Too expansive
  • Low visibility
  • Lock-in by cloud services providers
Provides tremendous saving in total cost and time for data transfer and migration. Its user-friendly graphical user interface and command-line interface provide in-depth data transfer visibility and analytics.

Comparing to traditional data transfer tools such as RSync, FTP and other commercial market leaders' products, CORMENTIS Data Replicator products' transfer throughout performance ** is much faster ranging from a few times to hundreds times, and the data size reduction or compression ratio** is much higher.

**The actual performance depends on the actual use cases such as data type, networking bandwidth, computing environment etc.